Use Post Workout Supplements by Musclemantra to aid in muscular recovery and muscle building faster so that you can gain muscles more efficiently.

Post Workout

Musclemantra L-Glutamine Powder - 300Gm
Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 1,699.00 (-41%)
Micronized Glutamine Musclemantra L-Glutamine Powder includes the essential amino acid, glutamine, which helps to preserve cell integrity and to restore...
Musclemantra ARM3D 288gm
Rs. 1,600.00 Rs. 2,699.00 (-40%)
BCAA & GLUTAMINE SUPPORT The Leucine Isoleucine & Valine present in BCAAs are known for their anabolic & anti-catabolic properties....
Musclemantra Carbo Pro - 2.5 Kg
Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 1,499.00 (-19%)
Musclemantra Carbo Pro 2.5 Kg Sustained-Release Energy Supplement* Easy to Digest convenient to use Ideal Energy Source for Active Individuals...
Musclemantra Creatine Monohydrate 300 G
Rs. 550.00 Rs. 999.00 (-44%)
Key Features Micronized Boosts Muscle Energy Dissolves easily, can be mixed with water or juices MUSCLEMANTRA MICRONIZED CREATINE MONOHYDRATE POWDER...
Musclemantra ZM Recovery 100 softgel Capsules
Rs. 700.00 Rs. 1,199.00 (-41%)
INGREDIENTS: Refined Soyabean Oil, GELATIN FOOD GRADE, Magnesium Aspartate, Glycerin 422, Sorbitol 420(i), Zinc Methionine Aspartate, Soy Lecithin, Besswax 901, Pyridoxine...
Musclemantra iBCAA Powder - 300 Gm Unflavored
Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 2,699.00 (-55%)
iBCAA Powder helps muscles heal quickly. Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine key ingredients help improve muscle mass and reduce muscle pain....
Musclemantra L-Carnitine - 100 Gms
Rs. 900.00 Rs. 1,199.00 (-24%)
L Carnitine Buy Online Fat Loss Support                                        Increase Performance & Recovery Convert Fatty Acids into Fuel   Fuel for Active Living...
Musclemantra BCAA Powder- 300 Gm
Rs. 1,400.00 Rs. 2,199.00 (-36%)
Ultra-Pure Ultra-Premium BCAA Powder Buying Ultra-Pure Ultra-Premium BCAA Powder Online helps muscles heal quickly. Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine, the primary components,...
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